Tuesday, September 19, 2017

TIP to Keramat IS Religious School Burning incident SUSPECTS caught........ DENY....DENY.....DENY any involvement........

Don't Submit to $100,000.....$200,000 , $300,000, $400,000 Bribe to take the blame to appease the 23 families Killed by IS Radical Islam Smoking Religious school Teachers.  Just like the Religious School in Kota tinggi Mohamad Thaqif Amin Mohd Gaddafi Murder teachers linked to Ruler and UMNO-PAS Leaders Bangsat Negara.  Paid the Mohamad Thaqif Amin Mohd Gaddafi parents reportedly $100,000 to not pursue the case further...and agree they fed Thaqif with Rat Poison because he could not recite Quran properly....an Insult to their High Standing in their Sick IS Radical Islam Community!!  Being Poor, Dumb and Brainless...they agreed to the deal like they have won a lottery.  This is the IS Radical Islam ways to purify the EVIL religion of Islam....VIA LIES AND COVER UP for the Glory of Islam!!....GO TO HELL!!

The Religious teacher was smoking and there are traces of Cigarete butt in the source of the burn area.  Most likely Fire cause, is the Cigarette Butt started the fire as many Flamable things used by these CHEAP Hell RUN IS RADICAL ISLAM UMNO-PAS-Sultan-Agong and Council of Rulers Sponsored  Approved schools..Same as those Phillipines IS Radical Islam Terrorist and Thailand South Evil Islam Terrorist & Rohingya Radical IS ISlam Terrorist...Getting funding from Malaysia UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara , Jakim, Jais, Sharia + Full Approval ..  They are all sympathetic to the ISLAMIC Cause  regardless of how bad it looks!!  Many who lives in the area have always seen these Keramat Religious Schools teacher smoking and trying to cast the ashes off the cigarettes from their WELDED Security GRILL Window.   in addition they cook inside and all those oil gets distributed in those Radical Islam Schools.  What do you expect when the conditions are perfect for fire??  It only takes a spark from anywhere to ignite and send all those who died to HELL...Martyrdom!!!  This is the Kalimah ALLAH Blessing for those who support RU355 and all those RUBBISH ISLAMIC Sharia Crap and SHAM!!...all on their way to Neraka Allah Setan Islam sesak UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara!

Malaysia will be a Socialist Communist Islamic Regime with only Malay Islam people happy to Poor Stupid, Dumb like those Zimbabwe citizen, once oil rich Venezuela into Pariah!!  When Malaysia Economy Collapse Remember the BREAK UP of 12 New Nation and CLAIM YOUR PIECE OF LAND WITHOUT ISLAM, UMNO_PAS Radical ISLAM Bangsat Negara and Sultan-Agong that have used their ideology to Dumb you malays slaves down and Oppress the Citizen....ENOUGH and Usher in a New ERA!!  Better than trying to FIX a broken down car...get rid of it and work to get a NEW Car....The joy is unbelieveable....!!

The UMNO Bangsat Negare governments try and debase the currency to pay off the debt with cheaper dollars. But it destroys wealth and purchasing power of average citizens, and leaves a trail of financial tears in its wake.......while they keep their MO1, Felda, and other Corruption Gains in Foreign land...while they play Malaysial TO Poverty, Death, Sickness, 

The murder of these 23 Religious School Victims is a corruption of Malaysia UMNO-PAS Radical Islam Sharia, Jakim, Jais Bible Stealing and Stamping Regime.  It is a Death of the Highest order...similar to the Altantuya C4 Bombing of Body Murder which can allow a Murder Suspect to Board a plane to Australia and now lets hope He ROTS in Australia Prison and Be tortured by other inmates!  CLOSE DOWN ALL IS RADICAL ISLAM MALAY SCHOOLS in Malaysia and REVERT BACK to the English Language as medium of instruction and studies....Stupid!!  KILL THE STUPID YOU down ISLAM BAHASA MALU SIAL!!...While you are at it...bring down those speakers in Mosque and Surau that calls stupid Muslim to worship.....  NO GOD Wants their Own people to be reminded of worship and prayer time....it shows how disinterested the muslim Radical IS Islam people are to Self-discipline.....  DO NOT IMPOSE YOUR EVIL on me...We will FIGHT the Stupidity, Ilogical Quran Inspired London, Paris, USA, Malaysia, Phillipines Terror Acts FOREVER!!

Money will not buy your way to heaven nor peace of mind in the days ahead.  Go ask Mohamad Thaqif Amin Mohd Gaddafi parents how they feel betrayed that their son died of Rats poisoning ......now the Whole villages shunning and shaming them for feeding Rat Poison to their son and not taking the responsibility to feed him better food......Stupidity + IS Radical UMNO-PAS Sultan-Agong melayu Islam is EVIL and you Pay for the remaining suffering till you die.

The logic is the same like those 21 children burnt to death + 2 Radical IS Islam Smoking teachers in the IS Islam Radical school and the Burkah mothers sating they died a Shahid...Martyr.....stupidity of UMNO-PAS-Jakim, JAIS, Sharia Islam is laid out for all to see and the Malay Sultan-agong Council of Rulers endorse and condone the stupidity as long as THEIR own family legacy remain rich and powerful...such is RADICAL IS Islam thinking and Ideology....no wonder they deserve to be removed ...obliterated from society....Islam = EVIL = Islam....  No need to be Romantics of Islam

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

By failing to nurture—or even to agree upon—the next generation of leaders, they have played straight into UMNO-PAS Radical IS Islam Ideology Malay hands.....Condone by Radical IS ISlam Sultan-agong Govenor of Malay Race!! ...to make stupid more Muslim and Malays for the next generation of suffering!! SHUT DOWN ALL ISLAMIC RELIGIOUS SCHOOL.....and RCI ROYAL COMMISSION ON IS ISLAM RADICAL SCHOOL SET UP!!!

By failing to nurture—or even to agree upon—the next generation of leaders, they have played straight into UMNOPAS Radical ISIslam Malay hands.....Condone by Radical IS ISlam Sultan-agong Govenor of Malay Race!!

More tragedies in Religious Schools is Happening ......  Allah is good!!  or SHUT ALL IS RADICAL ISLAM MALAY SCHOOL DOWN......  Hello Sultan Selangor, Robber of Malay Bible....and stamping it with some control code.....How about some TV and Media time to comfort mothers and Father Dumb Down Muslim Malays by IS radical Islam Ideology that believe their children are claimed by Burkah mother that their Children as Martyr......   Killed by Allah is NO MARTYR....IT IS PUNISHMENT FOR JAIS, JAKIM, Sharia, RU335, Unilaterl Conversion Crap, Radical IS ISLAM Support Rubbish, 1MDB, Umrah Cow Sharizat Rubbish......Force Convert of hindu child to muslim like Mrs Gandhi Child....  We know the blame is not Allah BUT ISLAM UMNO-PAS sultan-agong-govenor melayu IS Radical islam is to be BLAMED.

Tengku Adnan is responsible for the Religious School Children Death.....KL Mayor is Always Melayu IS Islam.....If Penang is Lim Guan Eng responsibility...then KL is Tengku Adnan.  But this is Malaysia.....Like the Killers of Johor Sekolah Agama School Child Death ..... Beaten till leg have to be AMPUTATED and later death......and Given time says died of Rat Poisoning.....Just watch this Space and perhaps children already Died from some Rat Poisoning or Something Ridiculous ...bordering on insanity....like died quietly in their sleep...all 20+........This is Malaysia ...ISLAM RUBBISH Must be COVERED UP with MORE LIES.

So Now Any Comments on UMNO-PAS IS ISlam Religious Schools is Deemed Seditious....Arrested as Insult to Islam King And Country....GO TO HELL Malaysial!!

For Causing Genocide to Orang Asli in Kelantan by UMNO-PAS- and approval from Current Agong from Kelantan....You expect Allah Blessing.???.... GO TO HELL!!...those Burkah mother can claim their Children as Martyr but this is Radical ISLAM UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara Teaching that Made Melayu Islam DUMB and Stupid....More Death is Expected in the coming Floods in Kelantan....Embrace other Religion to Avoid More tragedy from Allah!! ..>Go support IS radical ISlam Rohingya Muslim No need to help Malaysian Dumb Down Muslim Malays from UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara..... Help Orang Asli First and give money to Siti Kassim to provide Kelantan Orang Asli survive!

Time to Sack Malaya, Get out of MALU-SIAL.....12 new nation.....New opportunity to become Singapore/Taiwan/Japan or those Islam State/Nation who wants to be Syria/Libya/Bangladesh/Pakistan........   It is Obvious in the Current State there is NO HOPE for Bankrupt Malaysia....  Najib is Doing Exactly what MUGABE Did to Zimbabwe......Meeting World Leaders to Legitimise his Rule....and Sultan-agong-Govenor of MALAY Race and Islam Religion Happily and Joyfully Condone and agree...Know what to do to them too in their Day of Reckoning!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Malaysia is Doomed and is TRUMP Condoning Malaysia who is North Korea Regime EXPORT HUB for Guns, Chemical Weapons nerve Vx and Terrorist ARMS Supply??

Malaysia UMNO-PAS - Sultan-Agong-Govenor of Malay IS ISLAM race  is Supporting North Korea Dynasty of Terror and trying to Trick TRUMP, USA, Western World as being moderate Islam.  The reality is Malaysia is part of the Black Market Arms Exporters and Nuclear Bomb Devices for Iran and other IS Radical Islam Nation.

Malaysia is North Korea Window and Export Ports!!  To Middle East, Africa, Sudan, Somalia, Phillipines IS Radical Islam Groups.....Lately even the Rohingya have been Given Arms and Weapons by Malaysia Radical Muslim/Islam Linked to UMNO-PAS Terrorist!! 

Report of Malaysia being part of the North Korea Family of Terror is Yesterday News as Far as Malaysian of NON Islam malay race is concern...  View Australia ABC 4 Corners investigation Journalism into Malaysia Cahoots with North Korea in Arms Supply . Malaysia North Korea link is also supplyin Iran with Nuclear Weapons and Syria Nerve Gas like the one use to Kill His brother Kim Jong Nam in Malaysia using Vx!

.... .and the Sultan-agong-Govenor IS ISLAM Sympatizer should wear Equal Blame for the Current Tragedy and Coming Economic Collapse MaLUsia will face....the only solution is 12 NEW Nation......time to Break the nation up so that Each have their Own to Be like Singapore/Taiwan/South Korea/Japan or Bangladesh/Syria/Libya/Pakistan.....

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Malaysia soccer Striker N. Thanabalan's Urges the Sultan-Agong to return Force IS islam child convert to mrs Gandhi and get RID of Sharia Courts because its more than 8 years and Force IS Islam child convert to Mrs Indira Gandhi. Don't let this injustice go on or Allah blessing will be like Loss to Thailand...in the Soccer Final by 1 - 0...... Malay IS Islam goalkeeper was paid $450,000 Ringgit by Thailand Bookies to let one in....Like Najib 1MDB, one man Benefit 10 Malaysia Worst off in the field!!

Malaysia UMNO-PAS  IS ISlam Malay Goalkeeper have been paid by bookie  $450,000 ringgit to let one in and that is what Najib UMNO Bangsat Negara is Doing for Malaysia daily $60 Billion Masuk his own 1MDB Bank account GOAL across the world like Govenor Taib of Sarawak.  ALL  Paid to score own gold so that Malaysian remain SAD, STUPID, Dumn down with Bahasa Bangsat Melayu, Sharia and LOSER!!  The Goalkeeper Najib is Happy......the remaining 10 Malaysian Soccer Players very sad and that is why Malaysia NEEDS to RID and put to Jail  Melayu IS Radical islam Najib-UMNO-PAS bangsat negara so that  30 MILLION malaysian ARE Happier!!!  Why allow a corrupted UMNO-PAS melayu 1MDB corrupted Racist Selfish goalkeeper ruin the ENTIRE Malaysian Team??  SKIM Bumiputera melayu High Income Kepala Otak Hang..... ambil $450,000 Ringgit, $2.5 Billion terus dalam Akaun sendiri Lebih Baik Skim  Dapat Gaji Tinggi!!...bangsat Betul cadangan Skim Bodohkan melayu ini!!
TO BE SMART IN MALAYSIA...Start by #1  LEAVING ISLAM!  Then forget about make you stupid  Bahasa Melayu that dumb you down..and #3 Get rid of UMNO-PAS-Sharia, Jakim, JAIS, Surau, and sembayang bodohkan awak Jumaat!!

Asalkan Penganggur itu IS Melayu UMNO-PAS bangsat negara Radical Islam......Kita tak Perlu Panik....semua IS melayu UMNO-PAS Radical Islam boleh Hijrah ke Syria dan Lebanon untuk bersedia perang tunggu Madhi Zalim awak..... Selagi Islam dan adanya Sharia...maka Rahmat Allah terhadap Negara Islam itu akan hilang Selama-lamanya.....Jadi Orang Sabah-Sarawak Sebut Talak 1,2,3 kepada Malaya dan Pecat Malaya!!
Tak Ada Negara Islam yang ada Kebaikan di Dunia ini Sampai hari ini.....Fakta!!


Special courts needed to convert people out of Islam Fast in Malaysia....without NRD, Jakim, Islam, Sharia UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara, sultan-agong needing to know.....their days are numbered!!  Pecat malaya dari Sabah-Sarawak!.....  Get rid of ISlamic Sharia courts, Jakim, JAIS, Jabatan bangsat Negara Islam,,,and then hang the Father who raped then marry a child in Sabah after the girl poor family were paid $100,000 to coerce and force the raped girl to be the rapist 2nd or 3rd wife with no Job prospect except for Sekolah Agama Islam UMNO-PAS....that means someone Kids leg going to get Whatcked like Tahfiq in Kota Tinggi Johor and then after Death, pay family another $100K and accept child DIED of CRAP Poisoning....  Islam is Evil .......and watch teh Kelantan and muslim state suffer Devestating Flood...in a few months time.........we will make it happen to make IS Radical ISLAM people suffer and poorer and see how the UMNO-PAS-sultan-agong Radical Melayu ISLAM race rush to help for 1 day and then Cabut!!....Till today the recent Kelantan Flood people are still suffering.....and Rahmah Allah kepada penganut agama Zalim ISLAM adalah pahit dan sengsarrra semumur Hidup!!!   Hnay satu Jalan dapat Rahmat Allah, Keluar Agama SIAL ISLAM!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Sultan-Agong Conference of Rulers Scumbags now trying to play the Anti UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara game by doing tokenistic concern on 1MDB.....in case UMNO-PAS BN(bangsat negara) lose power in the coming election...they Want to JUM into HARAPAN Band Wagon....Scumbags Rulers Survival skill is good ...BUT Malaysian Must Rise and Obliterate them ALL as well Like NEPAL!!

Sultan Nazrin can give daily cheap talk and will get more air time come nearer to General Election to be seen and to TRICK Dumb Malays Muslim that Sultan cares a Damn about them....After election and 60 Years later you are still Suffering the Roat of Racism, Unilateral Conversion of your Dead husband, wife and children to the Radical IS ISlam Idiot Sect of UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara and GLADLY Condone by ALL Sultan -Agong-and Malay IS ISLAM Muslim Govenor......    

Just Sack Malaya from Sabah-Sarawak....Leave the Malu Sial Debt with Malaya and Progress like Singapore......Rid the Sultanate as they are all LIES and SHAM.....  Still NO answer as to why the Birth Place of Malaya Sultanate have no Sultan in Malacca....Perhaps he was an Indian or Chinese......Somehow the Muslim of any nation like Zahid from Indonesia can be Bumiputera...but not 10 Generation Chinese/indian....  So Go to HELL MALU SIAL....   Malaysia Economic Demise is abot to happen.....Worst than 1987.....1997  currency crisis.   Malaysia is NOW IN DEBT Default Watch......

Forget about trying to understand and be rational with Radical IS ISlam UMNO-PAS bangsat Negara....the Quicker you use people Power to Over throw the TAIB Melayu  PBB and hold them as ransom when you SACK Malaya.....The better it will be for Orang Asli of Sarawak....otherwise Get ready for Bangla and Myanmar Rohigya, Syria Muslim to be 60% of Sarawak population and Iban, Kadazan, Penan, Murut, only 25%.....and all have to SUBMIT to the Stupid YOU  Sharia laws that is Supreme over Wesminster laws and also the Stupid you Down Bahasa Bangsat Melayu.......So after going to Bahasa Melayu under Govenor TAIB Islam Unity Act with UMNO-PAS-Sultan-agong Bangsat Negara.....You have a Peasant Ideology at work in Sabah-Sarawak like Cambodia under Khemer  or Nepal.....Go Google the Acts and Ideology of Peasant Society......that means only the Ultra Wealthy and connected gets to Rule and the rest Slaves.....  END THIS ISLAMIC Dhimmi Peasant Ideology NOW....Sack Malaya from Sabah-Sarawak.....and have NO more DEBT and Hutang...ALL MALAYA SIAL Debt!!  Think and ponder NO MORE!! SACK MALAYA NOW!!

List of IS Radical ISLAM BIAS FAILING Nations.....Malaysia is Next....Make no Mistake and Act Now BY SACKING MALAYA From Sabah -Sarawak and RID the CURSE of MALAY-SIAL....

Killing Tahfiq in Sekolah Agama Islam is an Islamic Weapons used by UMNO-PAS-Sultan-agong-govenor Radical IS ISlam to show HOW Dumb Muslim Malays are in accepting that Death is Rat Poisoning......No Poisoning will cause your Legs to Grow Black like Tahfiq.... Dah Sedar belum Melayu Muslim MALU-SIAL??

Real Israel ..Fake Palestine..... Real Orang Asli Fake Bumiputra bangsat Melayu UMNO-PAS- 
FAKE Malay and Real Orang Asli ...Same IS Radical Islam ideology and Peasant Making Society TRICK!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

DSP Musa Safri will be Flushed out like Zakir naik sooner or later to be dealt with Appropriately...just like those Murderous MACC Murderers of Teoh, Sarbini and Police Kugan Murderers, and Orang Asli Forestry Islamic Militia.....Obliterate these Malay IS Islam Racist terrorist WITHOUT PREJUDICE!!

Johor princess’ future Sham husband Dennis Muhammad Abdullah has undergone an intensive and systematic Radical Islamic teaching using MSM Malaysia Main stream media, Internet to Make Islam Loser Again....  Apparently parents in Holland unhappy at the force conversion  but who cares says Dennis...I get Malaysian Citizenship and Bumiputera status like Taib Wife Ragad and live the RICH and Famous Life at the EXPENSE OF FELDA MALAY MUSLIM being dumb down by Islam, Bahasa Melayu and Bangsa!!  Pity family Dennis not aware he is marrying into family of murderers, criminals and insulters of Allah with their Lavish Life style and drunken desire to be loved and to demonstrate power!! Read more on this link!!

Thank God that Isreal have increase Access to Al Aqsa Mosque in Jeruselem Via Strick Security checks and no Suicide Bombings like Pakistan, Egypt, Afganistan By Idiot Sect IS Racist Terrorist ISLAM UMNO-PAS Sultan-Agong Bangsat Negara Type Islamic Terrorist Lunatics that needs no Reasons to Obliterate without Prejudice!!...  Go to Hell Wan Azizah, Raja Bahrin, Melayu Radical Islam UMNO-PAS, Sultan-Agong, Govenor Bangsat Negara who steal, Kill and Genocide Orang Asli, Penan and Orang Asal!!


Sabah-Sarawak Time TO EXIT malay SIAL or you will Be Force to Convert To Radical ISlam and cover up as Progress like Mohamad Thaqif Amin Killed by Religious Teachers and Disguise as RABBIES affecting Sabah-Sarawak!!

Death Watch List Update

Najib Razak’s ADC, former DSP Musa Safri, - hiding somewhere in Malaysia as a Police Officer After taking orders from Najib/Rosmah to Kill Altantuya ...confirmed by UTK Sirul Trapped in Australia Villawood Prison.  DSP Musa Safri  will be Flushed out like Zakir naik sooner or later to be dealt with Appropriately...just like those Murderous MACC Murderers of Teoh, Sarbini and Police Kugan Murderers, and Orang Asli Forestry Islamic Militia.....Obliterate these Malay IS Islam Racist terrorist WITHOUT PREJUDICE!!

Anwar - to increase anti Najib-UMNO-PAS bangsat Negara momentum

Mukhriz ...same reason like Anwar

Rizal and Jho Low... another Rosmah-Najib Acts to silence those that MAY hurt them nationally before election

One of the Sultan-Agong relatives or Sons -another Rosmah-Najib Acts to silence those that MAY hurt them nationally before election.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Killers of Mohamad Thaqif Amin Mohd Gaddafi...MUST be someone Linked to UMNO-PAS-Sultan-agong-Govneor Melayu bangsat negara IS Islam because ALL Possible Murder Cover up have been done to Discredit those Who Blame the Principal, Islamic Religious Schools and the Murderer Enforcer...like MACC..Teoh Beng Hock and Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed!!

There you have it.  Thaqif have spoken to nurses and police during his hospitalisation of beatings, brutalisation, sodomy, punishment of students, Evil acts of the schools and having request to parents to take him aware from the Daily torture of beatings for not reciting Quran properly.  Only to be told months later died of Rat Urine disease.  Never heard before and all a cover up acts.  Parents even accepted a will of god act that their son died and now because the compensation insufficient  or perhaps already paid up to come out with some disappointing statement that they cannot accept the Reason of Death.  Now these LOW IQ Islam Parents have money to send more of their children for more IS ISlam Quran Religious schools to be schooled in the ART of being Stupid to the Eyes of the world!!

The Source of leptospirosis is being investigated and its from the Rotan Stick used to Whack and Abuse Thaqif...Case Close!!

No opposition of anti Islam NGO can speak of this matter because it is a ISA, OSO and Sedition matters because it involves the Religion Islam, Malay Race and Sultan/Agong wanting to make Islam Religious School Great Again....This is the Religion of Radical Islam UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara being Approved and Condone by Sultan/Agong-Govenor Malay muslim race only...Curses to their familya nd relatives and supporters to Suffer Disease, cancer and tragic death in the years ahead and untold suffering till Death!!  Time to Sack Malaya from Sababh-Sarawak and not wait a minute longer!

Postmortem results on Mohamad Thaqif Amin Mohd Gaddafi, the 11-year-old pupil who died on April 26th after being hit, whack, sodomised, abused by IS Islam Religious school by Principal, mufti and staff....now being covered up as a nothing.  After being buried with post morten injection of  Rat urine and leptospirosis chemical and 2-3 weeks later exhume... One would expect the chemistry of the Corrupted post morten to confirm the illegal act of covering up for someone of UMNO-PAS-Sulta-Agong-Govenor Malay muslim Idiot Sect IS Islam family.

Same magic was done to Anwar from Saiful....same Crap from Teoh Beng Hock by those Dead MACC Officer....some still living in Fear.....The same would go for this Kota Tinggi Principal and Staff who were part of the Pedophile Regime of IS Islam terrorist acts in Malaysia.

The script was well written...from being hit with stick, to amputate legs to Death and arrest of some Fall guy staff.  Now that the Fall guy have taken the bait to plea guilty but later retracted and blaming the school principal and other staff....the UMNO-PAS Leaders have to come up with some credible U - Turn so as to NOT force the Clousure of religious school in the pfuture and Make Islam Great Again....Go to HELL!!

No Islam Bias Nation or Administration is any good in this world....make no mistake about it and stop being deceived by the Entire Modus operandi of the EVIL Islam secret Racist terrorist Dumb you down Agenda.

Lets remind the scumbags Radical IS Islam of UMNO-PAS Malaysia....its now 60 Years after independence and there is No Religious TV Shows for Hindu, Christian, Buddist like the Daily Crab and Diatribe and Sh*t of Azan, mufti talk, Drama of non Malays converted to Islam and how happy these non malay muslim are in Hari Raya Crap Drama...  Unite like Orang Asli and Help Orang Asli First and other religion next and LAST and LEAST UMNO-PAS Malay Radical ISLAM!!! 

This is why this Idiot Sect Radical Islam Religion that can put Jakarta ex-Govenor Ahok to jail just for quoting a Quran and deemed insult to Islam and the mullahs, mufti, taliban, sultan-agong condone and agrees to this sort of Sickness Judgement......WHEN NO ONE NEEDS TO BE SUBJECTED TO ISLAM SICK RADICAL LAWS.  Malaysia NEED NOT SUBMIT, CONDONE, Participate in ANY FORM of Radical Islam Laws...SO FIGHT BACK..Ban the Hijab, tudung, Loud Speaker, Religious Schools and ALL HALAL Food!!..Go TO HELL Radical Islam UMNO-PAS Scumbags of the Earth...they are incompatible with Humanity and Society!!